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Dr Death

Mr Death

This week I rescued and euthanased a poisoned tawny frogmouth and a kookaburra with a broken wing. I spoke to a lady in Trangie who had found a bat plastered to the front of her car, and kept it in a box for TWO DAYS before she decided the leg with exposed bones wasn't going to to spntaneously heal itself. Luckily the bats are hibernating at the moment so the poor little bugger is probably asleep.

"Will you euthanase it?" she asked.

Thought #1 "yes!" Thought #2 "Be diplomatic."
"I don't know," I replied. "It depends on how bad the leg is, but I'll do my best to rehab it." It was a lie, but I'm sure the powers that Be will forgive me.

"I'm just worried you might kill it. I found a wallaby with a broken leg last week and took it to a vet, and they just killed it."

"There's not much you can do for wallabies with broken legs."

"They could have sent it to the zoo." She sounded quite outraged.

"The zoo vets would have done the same."

"Well, if they can't save the leg why wouldn't they just amputate it?"

". . ."

At that moment a thousand reasons why this is an idiotic question took control of my mouth, making me say "Er..."

There are people-- They just-- er...