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Uni Things

And so ends the first week. Assignment 1 for ITC125 Information Superhighway is "Design A Homepage." I've pretty much done that. I just have to upload to a site and do the written component. which is all the planning, site map and a list of graphics. Good one, Den. Do it backwards.

I'm not too keen on the MGT100 Business Managment assignemt (2000 word essay "You can't change an organization's culture") or the ITC161 Information Technology essay (2500 words, topic of your choice). The ITC114 Database SQL assignment doesn't look terribly appealing, either, but it's pretty straight forward. All four assignments are due on 27th March.

I sat through a one-off face-to-face with the two MGT100 lecturers today. 4 hours of it. Aagh. Next week we'll be doing tele-lectures again. Clancey and Marcelle tried to tell us learning about management was fun. I disagree. Managers are like arseholes: Everyone has one, or they are one.

Now that the time table has settled down I'll be doing all day Mondays at the uni, and two hours on Tuesday, and the rest of the week is for me to angst about the assignemtns.

The final cost of my text books came to AU$233.00. I suppose I'd better read the bastards.

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