Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Treat or Treat!

Aussie kids don't *get* trick-or-treat. What they understand is that at the end of October you take a bag and head out into the neighbourhood, knock on doors and people give you sugar-based confections. Last night I had a succession of pre-teens turning up at my door, dressed in their normal clothes -- no attempts at costume or make-up -- and clutching a very empty plastic shopping bag. After being told that I had no treats for them, they'd give a despondent "Happy Halloween" and wander off.

I am reminded of an episode of Bottom with Rik Myall and Ade Edmondson, where Ade answers a knock at the door.

Kids: Trick or treat!
Ade: What?
Kids Trick or treat.
Ade: What does that mean?
One kid: It means you have to give us lollies!
Ade (after giving furtive looks up and down the street.): I can't do that! I'd get arrested!

The calendar date is right, but the season is totally wrong. We should be, as acelightning points out, dancing around the Novembepole. The nights are not growing longer and colder; this is not the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It's bloody hot, and the days will be getting hotter and longer for a couple more months. There is no history of Halloween celebrations in Australia. What we get is a line-up of seasonal episodes and strange specials from US television shows -- the same shows that would have us believe it snows at Christmas.

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