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Sulphur crested cockatoo. This was an adult bird that was caught by someone who thought it would make a good pet, so they clipped its wings. The bird HATES people and would take a finger off careless hands if it had the chance. I think the "owner" got sick of being bitten and released it. Only it can't fly until the new feathers moult in.

Stubble Quail. This is a tiny bird, about the size of a king quail you see in aviaries. He crows like mad at twilight - a soft Pee! Pee! the attract the females. He's ready to go and I'll release him on Saturday.

Dollar bird. He migrated down from Asia, only to smack into a window. A few days R&R and I'll release him. I need to do some flight tests in the garage first to see how he goes.

Juvenile yellow robin. It's about the size of the swallow chick in the icon, but much older and verging on flying. I have it in one of my bat tents because I don't have cages with bars small enough - it can almost squeeze between the bars of a canary cage. I hope it survives.
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