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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Final visit
I have just come back from my final post-op visit with Dr F. He says everything is looking good: swelling is going down and there is no fluid build-up that requires draining. The bruising that ran from my sternum to my armpits is a faint yellow discolouration, and my ribs have stopped hurting.

The only thing still an issue is when I put my arms in the air for a stretch. I feel things inside go 'gritch' and a pulling sensation. So I don't do that. It's probably scar tissue.

And my nipple look like they're inside out, but that's scar tissue again. He could fix that but it's purely cosmetic. I shall maintain my perfectly normal exterior with hidden weirdnesses.

Dr F went through the pathology with me. The only things they found were mammery duct ectasia (right) and some fibroadenoma (left), which are why he went in there in the first place. Everything else was normal for manboobs.

So that's it. No more doctor visits unless something goes wrong. Which is nice.

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You may give it a bit more time if you like for recover. However, even with my agreeing that it's probably scar tissue, you shall need to continue those arms over head stretches until the inside 'gritch' and pulling sensation stops.

That said... < / RN Teaching Mode >

Glad things are going well!

This - my understanding from targaff's PT appointments post-knee surgery is that motion is really necessary to help break down that scar tissue and retain movement, although obviously I'd check with a doc to see what types/range of motion are good.

Definitely glad things are going well and that there doesn't seem to be cause for further alarm at this point!!

Yup, need that motion to either break scar tissue or stretch it (functional mobility works with both). But if incisions are still mending, gentle range of motion, 'a bit more time', is fine. Not resuming the stretching after incisions are healed will result in decreased mobility. Not fun. Hence that old saw of a statement: No Pain, No Gain.

I'll have to show you my scars!

i rather suspect that, by the time i get to Australia again, your scars will have healed completely...

Awesome, I'm glad you ordered the Full Recovery Free Of Complications. :)

sweet, glad to hear things are healing up nicely.

Yay for tiny ninja scars!
Good to hear the tiny ninjas didn't come to stay and build a dojo! XD
If I ever make it to Oz in this lifetime, we will have to cook sausinge.

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