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I just got a bill from Dr S for the gap between what the insurance pays and what he charged. $280 Total charge for my op is now $780.00 including $500 excess on the actual operation that the insurance company demands. I see Dr F on friday to have the drains removed, then again in six weeks time for a follow-up. Both those can be claimed on medicare.

I see in the news today Dr F has sorted out the problem with Western Area Health and the Base Hospital. WAH has finally agreed that it is a good idea to keep a theatre set aside for emergencies and a roster of local doctors who can treat emergency patients. Now that Dr F has his contract with the Base Hospital again he can start treating Medicare patients. That was my original plan, which meant getting on a queue for 6 months but would cost me nothing. If they hadn't cancelled his contract I'd be getting my op about now.

Still, $780 isn't too bad; a bite out of my tax refund but not all of it. I don't want to think about how much my insurance premiums are going up.

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