Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Strange Days

Yesterday was very strange. It started with the next door neighbour appearing at the front door with a sad Max in his arms. I glad Max ended up in the yard with the maltese terriers instead of the yard with the two bull mastiffs, resulting in the neighbour at the front door with have a sad body and apology. Max is still rather subdued today but he's getting over it. I see he has made a hide in some long grass and is spending a lot more time in there. Maybe he is more wary of Snowy.

A few hours later the terrier-owner appeared at the front door holding a chicken. Ah... no, not mine.

Rescue phones started with a man calling for advice on how to remove a dozen green tree frogs from his toilet cistern. They weren't in any danger of harm, but "they're watching me go to the toilet." He kept calling me as the removal progressed until the frogs were safe and he was once again alone in his bathroom.

The afternoon finished with the arrival of a heron in the yard. It strutted around the yard for a moment, then cleaned out my goldfish pond. 11 goldfish, gone in the time it takes to go from "Oh cool! A heron!" to "AAARGH GEDDOWDAVITYABASTARD!" The screaming maniac with waving arms did no more than make the bird fly to the top of my gazebo. I spoke to Mum's neighbour about this, and found out the bird has been patrolling the local gardens for a week, raiding fish ponds and upsetting gardeners.

No sign of the heron today. I hope no one harms the bird. I wonder how the frogs are doing. And where the hell did the chicken come from?

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