Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Animal Notes

Currently in care

Young southern freetailed bat. She was in a log destined for firewood. When the chainsaw stopped the bat tumbled out of the hollow, having missed the slashing chain o'death by millimetres.I'll keep her until the nights warm a little.

Adult peewee. The bird was tumbled by the wind off a car and injured her wing. It's not broken, but it droops instead of sitting tight against her side when she relaxes A few more weeks in care and she'll be releasable. Maybe.

Adult sulfur crested cockatoo. Someone caught this wild bird and clipped its wings to make it pet. I'm afraid it takes more than clipped wings to make a cocky a pet. Attempt to pat this one and you'll lose blood, and maybe a finger. It will stay in care until it moults and grows new feathers, then I can be rid of it. Bloody thing is dangerous which is why it's previous captors let it go, I suppose.


Snowy, my brother's maltese terrier, has blown a cruciate ligament in his left knee. The vet looked the dog in the eyes and said "I'm afraid your days of playing Football are over." Snowy wagged his tail. The dog's tiny weight means he can survive happily without an operation to rectify the problem - just some muscle strengthening will work. A larger dog would need the operation.

Max loves bird seed.

Lying on your back in the sun attracts rabbit-like creatures. Max moves to almost-but-not-quite patting range and flops down beside me.

Polly spends most of her time at Mum and Dad's - they needs a guard dog in the yard. Polly is an utter wuss but she has a go-away bark that has to be heard to be believed.

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