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Donk did her first full, 180 degree controlled turn in the room tonight. Until now she would fly straight at the wall, not turning until the last moment when she would lift her nose and bump her chest against the wall*, stall, and fall back until she was facing in the desired direction.

But tonight she banked to the left, banked sharply to the right, missed the wall entirely, and flew back to me.

I was too slow with the worms and she bit me.


Ms Donk presents Wing Care And Maintenance. (5 jpgs)

First, S-T-R-E-T-C-H those wings. Big stretch. Then push down so that your body is lifted right off the bat tent.

Now, turn your wing upside down and lick and nibble the underside of your wing.

This is a tricky bit. While your wing is upside down, bury your head under the wing and rub your nose glands all over the upper side. Back and forward all over, paying particular attention to the bits between your fingers. Then swap wings, lick the underside and rub your nose on the upper surface.

Finish off with a long belly lick, starting at your chest and working all the way back to your tail.

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