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Pugsley Bob Release Day

Photos of Pugsley Bob's release in the remote sanctuary area of the zoo.

Bob And Mel

Dry eucalypt woodland of river red gums and white box. We found evidence of echidnas here, so we decided it would be Bob's new home.
Open Woodland

Mel takes Puglsey Bob from her old home. Jodie the Zoovet (r) and Mel's friend Lesley watch. Lesley came along to be a second shoulder for Mel to cry on.
Release Day

Bob And Mel

Mel says goodbye to an animal she raised from a tiny pink naked thing to a 3kg mature echidna.
Bob And Mel

The first thing Bob did when she was placed on the ground was burrow in. Some I Can't Believe It's Not Termites brings her to the surface.
Bob and Food

Checking out the new territory.

The green tubes on her spines are shrink-wrapped plastic markers so she can be identified.

Echidnas In The Bush. My last views of Bob.
Bob In The Bush

Goodbye Bob

Good luck, Bob.

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