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Hybrid Vehicles

I often log in to the Lexus Australia site to see if the price of the GS450h has come down, because that is my car of choice now that I have accepted that I probably won't ever own a Bugatti Veyron. The GS450h is now only $132,000! I could have bought two instead of my house! Bugger!

I noticed Lexus have a new hybrid out: the LS600hL. I ran down the specs to see what it had and was impressed. But one spec made me realise the LS600hL is as silly as a hybrid SUV. The petrol motor in the LS600 is a 5 LITRE V8.

5 litre V8! Oh come on, that is just silly. You're pretending to be a hybrid. My brother's super-charged V6 Caprice gets better fuel economy! Strip out all the weighty hybrid tech and you'd have a much lighter luxury performance car and an Audi A8 beater.

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