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9am Face-palm: Spread The Pain

Customer *a Shire Engineer*: We need a new e-stop. The drivers broke the old one.
Me *panicking a bit*: Broke it? What? How? Was there and emergency?
C: No emergency. They were just trying to make the wash go.
Me: ...
Me: Uh... But it's an e-stop.
C: I know.
Me: Uh... But it has a big sign that says 'Emergency stop'
C: Yes. I know.
Me: Um... But...
C: What happens is, they drive in through the exit, and when the wash doesn't start they hit the e-stop. And when it still doesn't start, they hit the e-stop harder, or pull it because it says 'Twist to release.'
Me *weakly*: Do they twist...
C: No.
Me*opens file*: I'm looking at a photo of your wash. The exit has signs that say STOP, EXIT ONLY and NO ENTRY. Or it *had.* Were they removed.
C: No, the drivers drive in through the exit, past the signs that say Stop and No Entry, and when the wash doesn't start, they pound on the emergency stop button labelled 'Emergency Stop.'
Me: Uh...
C: I see you feel my pain.
Me: Do you know what a head-desk is?
C: It's the perfect description of what I've been doing all morning.
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