Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Yesterday I smoked 4 rainbow trout and 4 kg of cod fillets. The cod was soaked in brine for a few hours and smoked over lumps of stringybark. The brine wasn't as strong as last week's brine, so the cod wasn't as salty. It was very yummy indeed.

Trout is, of course, yummy no matter what you do. This time I *didn't* stuff it with diced tomato, onion and bread. Just trout in all its smokey troutishness.

Last week's cod was smoked without the water pan, this week's trout and cod were smoked with the water pan. The difference is noticeable; last week's cod was drier and smokeyer and the salt was more noticeable. This week's cod was softer and tenderer and the flavours more subtle.

Hmm. Been a while since I've done chicken.

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