Den (dewhitton) wrote,

House Guests

There was a lot of noise from the dogs next door so I went out back to investigate. The sensor lights hadn't come on so I thought it might be a cat walking the fence path of death by pointy teeth (one neighbour has a rotweiler, the other has a pair of Rhodiesian ridgebacks. I don't know what the people behind us own.) The lights came on and I could see Max the What Rabbit hopping along the fence line, stopping to thump occasionally and setting the dogs off. I wonder if he does this to keep the cats away. Smart !rabbit.

Satisfied that there wasn't an emergency, I headed back to the house and reached the back door just as a movement under the eaves caught my eye. Running along the facia board above the door was a fully grown velvet gecko on the prowl I watched as the lizard charged down onto the window glass and licked up some bugs attracted by the light. I don't know how many geckos I have since these fellows are nearly silent, unlike their tropical cousins who chirp away like mad.

New house is just that much better, now.

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