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Blue faced honey eater. He still won't fly and I don't know why. Ben the Zoovet is looking to place him in the aviary out there.

Sacred Kingfisher. He's self-feeding ICBINMW and catching tiny shrimps and fish I get from the Department Of Primary Industry. DPI have some murray cod and trout-cod in their hatchery, and send a crew out twice weekly to catch shrimp and food fish to supplement the hatchery food. Once a week a large Bucket O Swimming Food turns up on my front door. The DPI guys are really happy to help the kingfishers they see on the river.

Peewee. Down to one peewee now. It's been a steady string of unfortunate moments and sad bodies in the bottom of cages.The birds know when a chick isn't viable and simply kick them from the nest. It's nature. Think about this next time someone says we should get back to nature.

Quail. Possibly a juvenile red-chested quail or stubble quail, rescued from circling crows. She stands maybe 2" high and spends her days hiding under leafy branches in the bottom of the honey-eater cage.

Pugsley. He spends his days in his tub, swimming through the leaf little and not surfacing except to drink water. Noisily. At 6am. Schlurrp Schlurrp Schlurrp bubblebubblebubble Schlurrp Schlurrp Schlurrp bubblebubblebubble ... long pause... Schlurrp Schlurrp Schlurrp bubblebubblebubble Schlurrp Schlurrp Schlurrp bubblebubblebubble. I dig him out to go walkies in the yard, which he enjoys. Polly doesn't, though. She remembers Fips.
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