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Snakes and Lizards

Bandi Bandi
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Many photos after the cut.

The two snakes were bruised in accidents and spent time in rehab. They recovered and were released.

A small nocturnal snake known as a bandi bandi. They are common but not often seen. Plus, they are venomous but only a danger to legless lizards, their main food.

Bandi Bandi

Bandi Bandi

This fully grown bandi bandi is 18 inches long.
Bandi Bandi

Yellow faced whip snake. A tiny, full grown snake, venomous like the bandi bandi but only a threat to tiny wall skinks. This little fellow is 24 inches long and almost as thick as a pencil.
Yellow Faced Whip Snake

Yellow Faced Whip Snake

Yellow Faced Whip Snake

Adult blue tongue lizard rescued from a back yard and relocated to somewhere safe. At some point in his past he lost all his toes. The injury is very old and doesn't seem to affect his life in the wild. He was very fat, heavy, and healthy. And grumpy and bitey.

Stumpy Bluetonge

Stumpy Bluetongue
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