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They x-rayed my head and didn't find anything

Test on the biopsy showed the sample came from a benign fibro-adenoma. The lab has one more test to confirm that it is benign. Dr Nelson-Marshall (Certificate of Diving Medicine and Member of the Australasian Aeronautical Medicine Association) says the the leaky nipple is just dilated ducts. And the rash is probably a reaction to elastoplast on hot, sweaty skin.


I have a leaky nipple. It could be a sign of a soft cell duct carcinoma. And the rash could be a sign of a type of cancer in the skin of the nipple. And she's a bit worried that one of my grandmothers died of breast cancer back in the day when radiation therapy consisted of lying under a lead sheet with a hole cut to expose the target area to a block of cobalt fresh from the core of the Lucas Heights reactor. It's rare in men, but not unheard of.

So I'm going to a specialist some time next week. He will be able to tell me if all these Ifs are NOTs.

Dr Nelson-Marshall also asked if I really wanted boobs. "NO! Well yes but not on me. Well, yes, I want that, but not attached to me." She has asked the specialist to consider if I should undergo a double manboobectomy to remove the breast tissue because of the possible breast cancer risk plus I don't actually need the breast tissue because, well, bloke.

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