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New Cage

Yesterday I assembled my new rehab cage. It is slightly wider than my largest non-flight aviary cage, slightly higher and more than twice the length. After stocking it with furniture (branches etc) I put the two young magpies in there.

They were a little shocked at first, then they realized they had room to stretch. Much flapping and arguing later they had established their positions in the new territory, and everyone was happy.

But not the peewee. He was going mad in his little cage so I put him in with the magpies. Peewee is half the magpies' size but the new cage is large enough for him to get away. He bounced off the bars for a few moments then settled down. He looked at the oldest magpie and begged for food. The magpie moved away. The peewee sidled along the branch toward the magpie and begged for food again. He got an angry scolding and a beak snapping at his face. The peewee fluffed out his feathers.

Thirty seconds later both magpies were on the bottom of the cage, looking up at the peewee and wondering how they lost control of the branches.

Never disrespect the Mob.

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