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Welcome Swallow. He is maturing into a nice adult now, but still needs hand feeding. Soon he'll go to a flight aviary for pre-release flight and hunting training.

Peewee. He is about 1/2 grown and ready for his third cage move. When he was very small he lived with the swallow but he quickly out grew the little bird.

Two juvenile magpies. I have ordered a new, larger cage so they will have more room to grow.

Blue-faced honey eater. I will transfer the Indian ring-necked parrot into the Magpies old cage, and let the honey eater go in the parrot's flight aviary. Hopefully he'll learn to fly in there.

Sparrow BROWN FINCH! I don't raise sparrows. They are imported feral pests and it is illegal to release them. So no sparrows.

Young raven. I don't have a decent cage for it so the poor thing is in a rescue box until I get the honey eater into the aviary.

Boyde. Technically not in care, but he thinks he is. Not long after his release the poor bird was found by the people in the house behind me, and they thought "Oh! A pet magpie! We will keep him and love him and treat him like a dog." After Boyde escaped their loving care he found his way back here, very thin and thoroughly humanized. The kid over there knows I'm trying to get Boyde back into the wild, but I think he's still sneaking food to the bird, because Boyde is STARVING TO DEATH! FEED ME! Eventually Boyde will go to the wild but it'll be quite a while. His full release has been set back considerably. I hope the other two magpies will show him what to do when they are released.

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