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Hear today...

I can hear again. About 2 weeks ago a lump of earwax deep in my right ear -- beyond cotton bud range -- pressed against the ear drum, dried and stuck hard. The doctor could not syringe it out without damaging my ear drum, so he gave me a script for various drops for infection, inflammation and to soften the wax. Every few days I went back to see if the lump would come out, but no-go.

I had to rely on my left ear for most of my hearing. Many years ago I had something explode off to my left, damaging my hearing on that side. I never realized how bad the damage was until I had to rely on my left ear for everything. It must have about 75% of the hearing my right ear usually has. So for the last two weeks I've heard the world as though I were wearing high density foam earplugs.

Today he syringed my ear and the lump came out. I could hear again! The 2 weeks of rest made everything seem louder than usual.

The five doctor visits were covered by Medicare, and the drops were all listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme**. Total cost = AU$30.00 I don't understand why people are afraid of socialized medicine.

**The Government was under great pressure from US drug companies to stop the PBS before the Aus/USA free trade agreement was signed

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