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Flynn. Just as grumpy and hungry as ever. He is putting on weight well and should be ready to ge next weekend.

Blue Faced Honey eater. Her movement to the big cage was delayed because I need it for...

Two magpie juveniles. One I picked up today. He is quite upset about this and fights me when I try to feed him. The other is Boyde, who was released two weeks ago and turned up at home this afternoon, thin and with a drooping wing. He glided down into the yard, begged for food, ran over to the cage and climbed inside. I'm certain he would have slammed the door shut if he could. He's seen the Wild, and wants nothing to do with it.

Two welcome swallows. They are about the same age, but the one I've had since Sunday perches, flaps, and begs for food and calls out like mad. The one I picked up today huddles into the nest and has to be force-fed.

Polly. She ran onto another stick and cut her tongue. It's nowhere near as bad as last time, but it's enough to make her very subdued and off her food. She will, however, scarf down her liver jerky treats. I'm giving her lots of that.

Pugsley Bob. Yes, this year's favourite monotreme is back in my care for a few days while his mum heads off into the wilds to examine bushfire damage for National Parks. Mel should be back on Saturday. Bob is still about the same size as when I last saw him but his spines are quite prominent.
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