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Flynn, the goulds wattled bat. He is finally self feeding putting on weight. I just drop a tray of meal worms into his bat tent and he goes mad on them. I have to wear latex gloves when I feed him, not because he is vicious, but because he is such a hungry guts he latches on to the first worm-flavoured thing he smells which is usually my fingers.

Blue faced honey heater. She was raised by another carer who didn't have a large aviary for flight training. The next week or so will see the bird transferred to increasingly larger cages so she gets used to flapping.

Welcome Swallow. This tiny chick fell out of its nest this morning and landed in my care. It's feathered but not yet flying. I have about 1 week of intensive feeding to get it to flapping age, and then it'll be off to The Wild.
Tags: rehab, rescues

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