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There is a sound

So I'm driving home from work after picking up a well-read bat from a local book shop. (Travel section, Australian Touring Maps.) The afternoon was warm and dry, and the traffic was slowing down for a round-about. I saw the traffic stopping, so I stopped.

There's a sound you never really want to hear when you are driving; the sound of four wheels locked into a skid. There is something about the sound that you just know you're going to be involved. In the words of Batty Koda from Fern Gully, "This is gunna huuuurt!"

I pushed harder on the break, possibly to make the car behind me stop faster. It didn't work, sadly.

So this car

hit my car

quite hard.

In fact, he hit me hard enough to push my car

into the car in front of me

There is another sound that occurs when this happens. It's a dead slience broken only by cooling metal and the tinkle of glass.

The Police were called, of course. I was lucky because my pushing on the break had braced me against the seat and head-rest, so when the crunch happened I sank into soft Toyota seat and head-rest goodness. And when I hit the car in front I hardly stressed the seat belt. And the air-bags didn't go off. Which is nice.

My car is driveable despite the damage. The boot, bonnet and doors all open and close, and after a little work with 100mph tape

I was off. What you can't fix with duct tape, you can fix with a hammer. And if you can't fix it with a hammer then it's an electrical problem.

First stop on the way home was to buy some essential supplies.

The bat is fine. I remembered to put my hand on the box to stop it from going flying. I'll feed her then take her back down-town in my brother's car for release.

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