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Qantas Domestic baggage handlers can destroy laptop screens. Even if the laptop is in a padded bag.

The cost of repairing a laptop screen is more than the cost of a new laptop with more ram, hdd and cpu power.

You can no longer buy laptops with PCMCIA, because they all have ExpressCard connections.

Dad's 3G Wireless Internet connection is PCMCIA, so now I have to buy him a new card to fit. The way Telstra has things set up, when you buy a new 3G connection you also buy a new account despite having a perfectly good old account linked to a now-useless card. I have to cancel the old account, if I can find the details, and set up the new account, and hope that Telstra doesn't bugger everything up and cancel the office ADSL account as well.

ah bugger. I *know* they're going to do that.

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