Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Road Trip Last day in Tassie

April 7

Left the motel in Launceston early and headed.... I dunno. South, I think. The ferry departed Devonport at 8pm and I had a day to do stuff. I must have headed south because I went through Longford, took the back roads to Westbury (missed the Steam Museum, dammit!) and ended up in Deloraine. Mmm Breakfast time! Curry meat pie and a coffee. Perfect! The day wasn't; clouds had closed in from the Strait and it was drizzling. The guide at Marakoopa mentioned the Gunns Plains caves and the giantfreshwater crayfish there, so that's where I headed.

The water in the cave was slightly cloudy and the crayfish were nowhere to be seen. Still...

"Welcome to my office!" said Amy the Guide.
Gunns Plains Caves
Gunns Plains Caves Gunns Plains Caves Gunns Plains Caves Gunns Plains Caves

I finally took off my cave anorak and drove around for the rest of the day with no destination in mind. Eventually it was time to head for Devonport to board the ferry.

Spirit Of Tasmania

I stowed my stuff in the cabin and headed up to the bar on deck 10 for a quiet pre-dinner quaff of cooling ale.
Spirit Of Tasmania

Finally at 8pm the engines reved and we were off. I stood on deck until we've left the mouth of the Mersey River, and headed to find some dinner.

Goodbye Tassie.
Spirit Of Tasmania

Tomorrow I'll be in Melbourne.
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