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Road Trip Day 7

April 5

Got up early, said Goodbye to Milan and the Split Cafe, and headed North.

Cheers, Milan!

I had no real plan beyond "Head North," so I told Ada I wanted to go to Launceston, and headed Northish. After a few minutes on the road I passed a sign that pointed to Richmond, so I went that way. Ada complained until I told her we were going to Richmond.


Richmond Gaol, built 1823. It is the oldest intact gaol in Australia and predates Port Arthur by 5 years.
Richmond Gaol

Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge

I wandered around the town for an hour and hit the road again.

The sign said "Spikey Bridge." Hey look! It's a Spikey Bridge!
Spikey Bridge
Built in 1841 by convicts. No one knows why the architect specified the spikey railings, but the convicts installed them anyway.
Spikey Bridge

Nine Mile Beach, looking toward the Freycinet Peninsular
Nine Mile Beach

And then on to Bicheno to see the blowhole. The sea was very calm so the blowhole wasn't blowing much at all.
Bicheno - Blowhole

The rocks along the shore are covered in a brilliant orance lichen.
Bicheno - Starfish Bicheno - Barnacles Bicheno - Fishing Boats Bicheno

I had a very disappointing seafood lunch here at a seafood restaurant. I should have just gone to the cafe, because the calamari was chewie, the fish batter gooey, and the prawn cutlets were under-done.
Very disappointing.

After some hours of driving around I found myself at Columbia falls; 90m high and Australia's highest waterfall.
Columbia Falls Columbia Falls Columbia Falls

There is an interesting sign on the way to the falls...
The railings just past the sign were missing, and the path newly repaired. The damage was caused by a landslip. Small Risk my arse. P(landslip)>(small risk) = 1

There were, of course, more tree ferns.
Tree Ferns Creek

Pub In The Paddock
I was most tempted to call in at the Pub In The Paddock, but the day was getting late so I headed for Launceston and the motel I'd booked.
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