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Road Trip Day 6

April 4

Off to Port Arthur. I've been check up on some dates, and I know I was last in Tasmania before April 1996. The Broad Arrow Cafe was in operation when I was there. Now the ruins are a memorial garden. So, dharawal, it's been more than 10 years. Sorry about that. I promise I won't leave it that lng next time.

First stop, some rocks.

Blowhole and Tasman Arch
Blowhole Tasman Arch

Tessellated Pavement
Tesselated Pavement Tesselated Pavement

Tessalated Reflections

I stopped at Eaglehawk Neck, a narrow isthmus that had a line of vicious dogs across it to stop escaping convicts.
Dog Line - Statue on Eaglehawk Neck
"Those out of the way pretenders to dogship were actually rationed and borne on the government's books, and rejoiced in such soubriquets as Caesar, Pompey, Ajax, Achilles, Ugly Mug, Jowler, Tear'em and Muzzle'em. There were the black, the white, the brindle, the grey and the grisly, the rough and the smooth, the crop-eared and the lop-eared,the gaunt and the grim. Every four-footed, black-fanged individua lamong them would have taken first prize in his own class for ugliness and ferocity at any show." Melville, c. 1840

And now, Convict Ruins.

Port Arthur was built in the 1830s and was where the other penal settlements sent their bad convicts. On the other side of Tasmania is another penal settlement where Port Arthur sent their bad convicts. The site was largely intact until bushfires of 1890s burned most of the buildings. In the mid 1960s conservation work started.

I overheard a ranger telling someone that Port Arthur has applied for World Heritage status. "And then we'd be like the Colosseum, or Pompey!" he finished.

And I thought "...nnnnnno you won't."

Many more photos on my flickr page.

Port Arthur Penal Colony c1830 Port Arthur - Commander's House Guard Tower Port Arthur Penal Colony c1830

Guard Tower from the Law Courts

Port Arthur Penal Colony c1830

Port Arthur - Penitentiary

Memorial Avenue planted in 1919 - one tree for every local man lost in World War One.
Port Arthur Memorial Ave

I spent the entire day there until the site closed. Then it was back to Milan's for a feed of Chevapi and Wedges, and chai latte. This was my last night in Hobart. Tomorrow I head North.
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