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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Road Trip Day 5
April 3

Last night was really windy, and I fully expected to find a wheely-bin embedded in the car. The morning news was full of the wind. I was relieved to see the car was unharmed, which was nice.

Last time I was in southern Tasmania (about 10 years ago) I visited a really cool steam museum at Dover, so I thought I'd visit it again. But alas the museum was gone. The buildings are still standing but it looks like a scrap yard occupies the site now. I hope none of the old engines are part of the scrap.

And so it was on to Hastings Caves. The road to the caves is gravel and narrow, but instead of a dirt road I was driving on a carpet of wet bark and leaves. This made traction a little dodgy so I took it easy. Every few kilometres a tree was across the road, but a road crew had cut a path through the trunks and branches. I missed the first tour and had 90 minutes to wait until the second, so there was plenty of time for a pie and coffee.

Eventually it was time to wander through the forest up to the cave entrance.
Hastings Caves Logged


Hastings Caves
Hastings Caves Hastings Caves Hastings Caves

Hastings Caves Hastings Caves Hastings Caves Hastings Caves

Hastings Caves

I saw a sign outside the cave that amused me a lot. Maybe I'm too easily amused, but the sign under the cistern says "Do Not Drink"
Do Not Drink


From the caves I headed further south and sort of drove around a lot with no real destination in mind.

Seagull driftwood Jetty Huon

Eventually I found myself at Constitution Dock in Hobart.

"Lady Nelson"
Lady Nelson

"Princess Of The something-or-other" docked to bring a load of old age pensioners to town.

And then it was back to Milan's for a feed of Nada's swordfish. mmmmmm, fiiiisshhh!

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The peer peers around the pier!
Does Hastings have a cave that is closed during certain times because it is full of bats, like Carlsbad Caverns? Carlsbad sells the guano to fertilizer companies.

Pretty cave pictures!

Translation for the Aussie-impaired, please -- "wheely-bin"?

Wheelie-bin = bin with wheels, generally approximately human-sized. People do races in them. I have three which were provided by my council, the smaller one with a red lid is for general rubbish, the large one with a yellow lid is recycling, and the large one with a green lid is green waste which will be taken, mulched, and composted.

One may find a large selection for purchase at places like www.mrwheeliebin.com.au or www.justwheeliebins.com.au

I've been sailing on the Lady Nelson and there exists a photo of me standing on one of the Yard Arms.

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