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Port Macquarie Photos

North Brother rainforest walk. My brother Cam wearing the shirt that will get him killed on away missions.

North Brother rainforest walk. Roots of a "strangler fig." The figs start life high in a tree then grow roots to the ground. As the roots thicken they eventually kill the host tree, leaving the fig free standing.
Strangler Roots

Log textures.

Rainforest trail, North Brother Mountain. The mountain is very close to the sea, so the humid air from below turns into fog as it hits the top of the mountain. It is a very rare day you see blue sky up here.
North Brother Rainforest


Return Trail... OF DOOM!
Return trail

Roto House, Port Macquarie. Built in 1870, the first dairy farm and one of the oldest buildings in the town.
Roto House

Injured koala recovering from meeting a car. She didn't look both ways before crossing. My problem is that I have to rely on autofocusing because I can't see the fine detail through the viewfinder. So the camera focussed on the branch about 2 feet in front of the koala. Bugger.
Koala Hospital

Koala Hospital

Storm over Laureton, from Tacking Point.
Tacking Point Storm

Tacking Point Lighthouse
Tacking Point Lighthouse

Tacking Point rocks, below the lighthouse
Tacking Point Rocks

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