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A couple of hours ago I was breaking a young kid out of the medium security Juvenile Justice Centre on the edge of town. He was a young little red flying-fox, and had smacked into the mesh security fence around the centre some time last night. He managed to hang on but in his struggles one leg had become twisted and he couldn't let go of the mesh.

I was signed in at the front desk and had to leave all my "contraband" ie phone and camera. So no photos. Then Ivan The Guard escorted me through two security gates, paused at the loading dock to pick up a long ladder, then through another set of security gates and into the exercise yard. None of the juveniles were around because it was feedinglunch time, so it was just Ivan, me, and high in the fence, the bat.

The fence is 4m high, with the top 1m being taken up by a round anti-throw-over drum. The bat was immediatly below the drum. This was a) handy because he was shaded by the drum, and b) worrying because he was 3m from the ground, hence the ladder. I helped Ivan set up the ladder, then climbed for several hours though the clouds into the stratosphere to the bat. The flying-fox was grumpy and generally unhappy to see me. As usual.Which was fine, because I was unhappy about being up a ladder high enough to be badly injured or seriously killed should I fall.

"Hi! I'm Den and I'll be your rescuer today."

"Grr! SHREIK! Snarl snarl hiss grr."

It took me 20 minutes to work the flying-fox's claws out of the wire and my arms felt like they were going to fall off, but I did it! The bat was securely wrapped in a towel and I worked my way back to the ground.

Next stop was the Zoovets, where I left the bat in their care. Vet Technician Jane liked my gloves. I may be innoculated against Lyssavirus and Rabies, but I am not innoculated against teeth, the pain, the gashing arteries and the spurting blood. I'll know Monday if the bat is okay. His wings are fine but one of his legs looks a bit odd from being twisted for so long.

And there wasn't a camera crew in sight. Bugger!
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