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On Sunday I took my camera for a walk along the river bank at Terramungamine Reserve.

The Terramungah, "Iron Bark People," are a local clan who have worked with the City Council to open a reserve that has ancient axe-grinding grooves on stone outcrops along the river bank. Each groove represents 10 hours of grinding to put an edge on a piece of stone. There are hundreds of grooves along the river bank. In this photo you can see wide axe grooves, a thin spear sharpening groove, and a dish for grinding seeds into flour. Axes found nearby have been dated back 2000 to 5000 years. "Ground Edge" is one of the most ancient technologies, preceded only by stone knapping.

Terramungamine Axe Groves

Three photo of the same River Red-gum
River Red-gum

River Red-gum

River Red-gum

Bee Photo

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