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Fellow resucer Robbie and one of the many orphans he and Helen have raised.
Robbie and Friend

Calamity the wallaroo joey

Bruiser the eastern grey alpha male. He is surprisingly quiet for a male and enjoys a pat... as long as he knows you're not a male roo.

Orphaned eastern grey kangaroo. This is the sort of joey you want to scoop up in your arms and say "Oh aren't you kyAAAAGH! AAAAAGH! AAAAAGH!" and then you wake up in intensive care. Kangaroos aren't cuddly. They will radiate cutes at you and look sweet but they're LYING.
Eastern Grey joey

A bunch of orphaned eastern greys. A photograph of someone cuddling one of these could be labeled "Seconds From Disaster."
A bunch of orhaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

R & H can get so close to these roos because they raised them. Don't let yesterday's photo of Basil fool you. There is no way I'd hold a swamp wallaby.

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