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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Rescue Redux
And of course an official delegation from Japan will be arriving with the Taiko no Wa Drummers tomorrow.

For Tea. In the Japanese Garden. Kangaroos Not Invited.

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Unless the roo is treading water under the waterfall and looking frantic, why not just leave it there for the cheesy photo opportunity of the century?

It's supposed to be a Traditional Japanese Garden. Marsupial ornamentation won't be appreciated. 8)

Anybody else want to see a Traditional Australian Garden in set up in Kyoto?


And just what is the kangaroo going to do?XD
Drink all the tea? Scarf up all the dumplings (if there are any?)
Something tells me the drummers aren't going to be quiet so it's not that sort of ceremony.
Besides, you're not in *Japan*.....

The drummers might scare the roo further, causing it to hop in unfortunate directions.

Hi there :)

I found your journal through bunyip. He told me the story about the kangaroo in the japanese garden and then told me that you work for a zoo in Australia so I knew your journal would actually be interesting to me.

But then I read your profile and saw this which in my opinion is better than looking like someone ate a packet of M&Ms and vomited on the screen and knew you'd be awesome :D


Thanks. I don't actually work for a zoo; I'm a volunteer animal rescuer/rehabber.

I hope I keep it interesting for you. 8)

(Deleted comment)
somehow i don't think the 'roo would especially enjoy the taiko drumming...

It might, IIRC 'roo's signal each other by drumming their hind legs on the ground... so I guess it all depends on what the drummers are saying.

well, yes, rabbits do thump - when i had pet rabbits, that was how they'd show their displeasure at things. ignore the size difference for a moment, and consider how similar a rabbit's and a kangaroo's hind legs are...

i don't think it matters what the drums are saying - taiko drums are VERY, VERY LOUD, and would probably give the 'roo a headache.

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