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Parkes Radio Telescope Open Day

Parkes Radio Telescope
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"It is 200 feet in diametre, weighs 1000 tons and can aim at any point in the sky."

"What's it doing in a bloody sheep paddock?"
Open Day at The Dish

The view from the Cafe. I sat at table 2 and had a steak and Guinness pie. The best pies with the best view.
Parkes Radio Telescope

Parkes Radio Telescope

People on the Azimuth Track
Parkes Radio Telescope

Time a new class of pulsar.
Parkes Radio Telescope

Under the 500 ton counter-weight
Parkes Radio Telescope

The Azimuth Track, drive wheel and main bearing. The hydraulic controls operate jacks that can lift the dish off the track to a height of 2mm
Parkes Radio Telescope

Parkes Radio Telescope

Down through the centre.
Parkes Radio Telescope

The cable wrap, which is how the telescope can rotate 450 degrees without twisting the fibre optics.
Parkes Radio Telescope

And it's in a sheep paddock. The small cube building houses a hydrogen maser atomic clock. The small telescope is decommissioned, but was used in early long base-line interferometry experiments that were helped design the 5km long multi -dish array at Narrabri. In the background is the Goobang Range. On the right, sheep paddock.
Parkes Radio Telescope

Control Room. The colourful LCD monitor is the modern telescope motion control console.
Parkes Radio Telescope

Parkes Radio Telescope
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