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Hybrid Power Lust

Last night I'd just settled down to a Johnny Walker & Dry to watch a DVD, when there was a knock on the door. It was my mate David. "You want to go for a drive?" he asked. He only asks this when he has another car.

He won't tell me how, but he has Connections. Every time we Go For A Drive I ask the same question: "How is it you get these cars given to you, and how do I?" Last month he arrived in a brand new Mercedes C class diesel. AU$250,000, 2 tons in weight, growly. Went like the clappers and handled like a dream. It had everything you could possibly want in a car, and then it had extras. And extra extras.

Last night I opened the door and was surprised to see David there, grinning like a maniac. "Did you walk here?" I asked because I hadn't heard a car pull in.

"No. Want to go for a drive?"

Sitting in my driveway was a brand new Lexus GS450h hybrid. 0-100kph in under 6 seconds (I know, I tried it.) 47mpg (38mpUSg) Instead of a tacho it had a dial measuring output in kilowatts. I stamped my foot and the dial went to 250KW. That's about 300hp. The car had extras and extras on the extras. The satnav even had a button to turn off the voice. Separate A/C zones for driver and passengers. It ran on batteries up to 50kph before the motor kicked in, with a theoretical battery distance of 270km. Boy did it go! And the comfort, and handling... oh boy. And heaps of GEEK things! If I can't buy a Veyron I'll buy one of these instead, because it makes Rev-head Den, Geek Den and Conservationist Den happy. Broke Den wasn't too happy with the AU$130,000 price tag but the other three are telling him to Sit Down And Shut Up, but he is insistant.

Wow, what a car. My second choice after the Veyron, certainly.
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