Den (dewhitton) wrote,


I have been invited to leave Elfwood. My post on the Elfwood community page has been removed, but this is the comment from halwyn, one of the Elfwood community admins (or something like that)

Sheesh. Ever thought of replying to their email? Oh wait - I've told you this at least once, maybe twice.

But you don't want answers, you just want to bitch.

Leaving might be the very best thing you could do for the Elfwood community.

The email I recived in the removal notice is from a daemon at It says to use the complaints form on the Elfwood, but that form has gone and is replaced by this:

Update Jan 2002: The ERB can't take any reports right now as they are actively doing a gallery sweep anyway

I had a week to appeal, but they are too busy to read it. I have to send an email, but there is no way to send it.

I received a series of emails this morning to say 5 stories are to be removed. Included in that is Mavrik, my first dragon story. I think they objected to the phrase "Bugger off."

I don't regret my cash donation to Elfwood. Thomas does a wonderful job and I don't mind paying for the web space.

Now I have been invited to leave. So I will.

I'll leave my Z47 gallery up but no one looks at that, anyway.

I am in the process of re-writing my stories and placing them on Epilogue.


I finally got through by email, and one of the ERB members wrote back to say that I can edit the stories and upload when the extranet is up. It is obvious that writing in colloquial Australian is a Bad Thing. I will not change my style to make it bland, or American, just to suit wowsers and children.

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