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Eastern Snaked Necked Tortoise This is the same species as Shelley, who was in my care last year. She was found wandering "the roads" but since I have no actual location other than "the bush this side of Gilgandra" I can't take jer back. I'll let her go in the river when the weather warms a little. She has been hibernating under a pile of shredded newspaper. I haven't named her, but I'm sure someone will think of something clever since she has spent so much time on Page 3 of The Sun.

Wood Ducks Four wood duck ducklings came into my care on Friday, but one died and the other had to be euthanased. It had a broken leg that looked like the femur had split length-ways, and poked through the skin. The duck family was attacked by a dog and the parents flew off, which left the remaining huddle of duckings, well... sitting ducks. After cats had finished there were four of the 12 left, and now there are two. They're eating well when they're not huddled under the light bulb. Soon I'll set up an outside cage so they can get the sun during the day to prevent rickets, but for the next two weeks they're under the bulb. They're not as evil as black bucks, but they're still pretty evil. And disgustingly cute.

Bearded Dragon. The dragon was sunning himself happliy on a road when a car ran over the top of him. The dragon didn't move so he missed all the wheels, but something under the car clipped his head. He has an injury on the nose and under his right eye.I'll take him to the zoovets on Monday for a checkup. Right now he is sunning himself in a box, and expanding his beard at me to be a Big Scary Dragon. Which is cute.
Tags: dragons, ducks, rescues, turtle

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