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That went as well as could be expected.

Just finished the job interview with the employment agency. He looked at my resume a lot and made positive sounds, asked a few questions, and asked if there were any other sorts of positions I feel I'd like. Then he said he liked my chances with the IT Manager's Position with the Large Exporting Company.

He couldn't say who they were, but Dubbo isn't so big that there is more than one LEC with a free IT Manager's Position.

It's not hard to add 2.15987 and 1.84013 to come up with rotating knives.

The application form direct from the Abattoir arrived today. I'll be filling that out too.


I'm wearing a tie! I's a dark red, silk affair with Asterix punching some Roman soldiers printed on the fat bit. I almost wore my black Calvin And Hobbes tie.

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