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Last night I dropped the tin of dog food. The sharp lid of the tin fell onto the back of my hand with the full weight of the 1/2kg can behind it. I looked at the 2" long scratch and thought "Ooh! That was lucky ... No, wait." I moved my wrist and the cut felt weird. It was deep, and the back of your hand doesn't have a lot of flesh to it at the best of times. I could see into my hand, not quite as far as bones and tendons but deeper than you would expect possible. At that moment the veins realised they were no longer connected to each other and began to leak. The nerves saw what the veins were doing and decided to join in. "Ok, ready, set... STING!"


I'm lucky I didn't slash any major veins, but what I did cut is still oozing slightly after 12 hours. It seems okay now but I'm not game to remove the band-aid because I'll re-open the cut, and it seems to be healing and not hurting. I tried that this morning and undid the healing that happened overnight, and the hurting started again. Nerves: "Hey remember us? STING!" Ow.

And in other news, FLY! MY PRETTIES! FLYYYY!
Tags: injury/illness, slice of life

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