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At the mall

Today I engaged in some hit-and-run shopping (go in, get the things, get out) at the mall, but my fast get-away was halted at the entrance of the mall. A huge knot of people had halted in the door and were discussing where they wanted to have lunch, oblivious to, or ignoring, the people who wanted to get into or out of the Mall. People had to push though the group, only to be greeted with angry words. The poor trolley kids had to abort their runs up the ramp and their long strings of shopping trolleys were sliding down hill. I waited.

A heavy trolley rumbled past pushed by... HER! The old Masarati Quattroporte driver! Her trolley was loaded up with eggs, milk, a bag of dog biscuits, bags of potting mix, lead weights, large rocks... she had a very heavy trolley, and having got it moving she wasn't going to stop. She aimed at the group blocking the door and kept going. One of the mob looked up and saw a tiny juggernaut powered by a tiny woman whose bowling hat bearly cleared the trolley handle, almost on top of them. They gave some shouts of alarm, swore a bit, and someone gave a cry of pain as they cleared out of the way. Mrs Masarati ploughed right through them breaking up the mob and clearing a way for all the other people to pour through the gap after her.

Which we did. I noticed the trolley kids laughing as I passed them.

I must admit I was smiling as well.
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