Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Rampage. A Real rampage.

Today brought the sad news of a zookeeper being killed in what is probably South America's second most embarrassing way to die: Killed by an anteater.

I'm lucky, I thought as I walked into my room. My anteater is a nice little thing. Imagine being mauled by an echidna...

My room was trashed. Fips had escaped from his bed-cage and rampaged through my room. A newspaper had been shredded into confetti, the bottom rows the book shelves had all been emptied with the books scattered all over the place. Towels were pulled from racks. My laundry on the floor smelled of echidna wizz. The carpet...

Fips had burrowed under the edges of the carpet, shredding a strip 6" wide and 2 feet long. Underfelt fragments were scattered all over. He found the old rolled scrap near a wall and crawled inside to sleep, which is where I found him.

Tonight I will be making sure his cage is well locked. I do not want to wake up to discover myself being mauled to death by a pissed off echidna. That would be Australia's third-most embarrassing way to die.
Tags: echidna

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