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I only had to stay in the one area of north-west Sydney with no public transport, and of course the Intercad training centre was in the area of Nort-East Sydney where there are no trains and few busses. I had to drive. ("DUN-DUN-dun!")

On a good day I could take the M2, a toll road ($4.40 each way!) but with no traffic lights. The run took 90 minutes normally, with the first, or last, 30 minutes being spent on Old Windsor Road. One afternoon I didi it in 60.

On a bad day the M2 becomes a parking lot, so I had to go via Victoria Road. If I was confident enough in my navigational skills, I could have avoided Vic Road but that would mean going along Pennet Hills Road ("DUN-DUN-dun!") to Hornsby, then down to Stives.

The markers show 30 minutes of travel on a good day. On the worst day it took me 2 1/2 HOURS to drive the 30km, 2 hours of that just to drive from Glenwood to the end of the M2.

I have got to get me a GPS.

The course was worth it. I have my Solidworksfu on and am ready to go when we get the new PC. First task is to update the assembly I am working on, then I have to start modelling the parts for designs.

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