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New variation on the Nigerian 712 scam.

The company email addy recieved an interesting variation on the Nigerian 712 scam. You know the one: They ask for your bank account numbers so they can get millions out of Nigeria...

This is what arrived today.

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:00:39 +0000 (GMT)
From: samuel davies <>
Subject: FAVOUR
To: XXXXwhere I workXXXX
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Cauxhall Drive West-London Nw116bl

I regret this informal way of contacting you which I
believe would be most effective with regards to the
Message I intend to bring to your notice. It is
imperative that I adopt this means of communication to
safeguard my interest and guarantee that secrecy is
not compromised.

In my capacity as a legal practitioner and after
putting several years into private practice which
involves handling of numerous clients in the United
Kingdom. Over that period, events of the past six
months forms the nucleus of revelation which will be
made to you .

A gentle Man whom I prefer we adopt an alias of Sir
John Riley for reasons of Anonymity, of blessed memory
(deceased). An Astute Business man of international
repute whose endeavors spans various areas of Business
interest,( Real estate, stock brokerage, Farming .etc)
and who I have several various capacities as a
Solicitor and an adviser on business and personal
issues directed me to prepare a will for him.

On further prompting from me to ascertain the
necessity of such an action, he confided in me of how
he was diagnosed by his personal Physician to have
Cancer and had a short period to live. This was about
eight (8) months ago.

With the demise of my esteemed client and friend I
decided to carry out with the instructions on his will
which clearly states that 50% of his possessions which
includes 75% of his Real Estate located at Highbury
should be given to his nephew who is the only living
next of kin, since my client was a divorcee of many
years though the relationship bore him no children.

Then 40% which includes 25% of his Real Estate should
be invested in a viable commercial enterprise whose
annual dividends would be used to build a cancer
foundation and donations made to Research on Cancer,
5% should be donated to various Charity Organizations
and 5% for myself for all my contributions.

All funds have been disbursed as stated in the will
excluding the 40% for investment and my 5%. The
remaining 45% are in form of houses,cars,25% of his
Real Estate and the sum of Ten Million eight Hundred
thousand United State Dollars ($10.8M) which is
currently deposited in security consignment boxes
which are in a Financial Trust Company located in

In view of this anticipated development I have decided
to search for a trustworthy businessman or woman who
can stand in as a manager of this funds for a two year
period and also to act as a Clearing beneficiary of
the Security boxes in the Security Company after which
I intend to divert the money for our own private use
when profits have been made.

Immediately your interest is confirmed, you shall be
invited to Madrid-Spain for us to further our
discussions, and clear the security boxes in the
Security clearing company as the beneficiary of the
boxes for us to commence Investments.

All arrangements have been made by me here to execute
a successful partnership together. I must remind you
of the confidentiality of this Transaction at hand
whatever your decision. While I await your Response.
Your detailed reply should contain your telephone and
fax numbers for easier communication .

All contacts should be made to this e-mail address:

Best regards, Mr Sam Davies

The capitals and punctuation are a bit eccentric. Besides, it all sounds like an invite to go to Spain and be kidnapped for ransom.

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