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Currently In Care

1- Juvenile sacred kingfisher. This is the third one this month. They have all flown into windows and needed a few days R&R to get over the headache. At the moment he is sitting very quietly in the cage, being grumpy at me. I expect in a few days he will start bouncing off the shadecloth screen in his attempt to escape.

2- Echidna. Fips is still unhappy about the lumpy food and isn't eating much per feed, about 30g instead of 100g, so I'm feeding him every night until he gets used to the meat mix.

3- Crested pigeon. Something attacked the bird and tore all her main flight feathers out. The wing is intact, apart from that of course, so I have her in care until she moults and grows new feathers.

4- Baby crested pigeon. This little fellow is feathered, but still has some baby fuzz on the head. He is about 1/4 the size of the other bird and quite cute. I feed him parrot mush from a syringe and he scarfs it down in a hurry. I have named him Valiant, of course.

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