Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Plague Of Babies

Last night, after the stress of the day, I checked the live mousetrap and discovered it had caught a mouse and this:

Baby blue tongue lizard #1

A baby blue tongue! There is no way of opening the trap without releasing the mouse, so I had to let it go. "And don't come back!" I shouted after it as it fled under the fence into the neighbour's yard. I fed the little lizard some lettuce and let it go in the garden away from the bird seeds.

This morning I packed up Polly's bedding near the back door, and something rolled out:

Baby blue tongue lizard #2

Another baby blue toungue! At first I thought they were the same one, but comparing the stripes shows they are different babies. Siblings, certainly.

Woo hoo, as the saying goes. And Squee as well.
Tags: lizards

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