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Erm... yeah. Sorry about that. On Friday I was called to Sydney for an emergency business meeting (and Australia Day), then I was handed a graphics job.

Uncle Rod handed me a 1956 issue of Auto Club News and asked if I could scan it. So I am. The pages need to be cleaned up, then the whole thing saved to PDf and burned to CD. My poor PC doesn't have enough resources to handle 100MB graphics files and do image processing AND render frames. Bugs will have to be delayed.

Auto Club News - 1956 I'll be scanning all the pages and putting them on my Flickr site.

Front Cover. Uncle Rod, in his MG TF, winning another race. He won every race from 1955 to 1961, when he sold his MG and bought a Simca. No room for babies in an MG TF.

Back cover. 13.5hp of raw power! Woo!
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