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Things you find.

I was doing a search for web sites that link to or mention Bugs, and I came across one that has listed in the "Humour" section something I wrote many years ago. I remember writing it but I have no idea where I posted it. It was one of those throw-away things I often do on usenet, and often did on Fidonet. Does anyone remember where and when I wrote this:

Things and stuff. Thingamabobs. Thingamajigs. Thank you Thing.Thinking. That thinking feeling. You've lost that loving feeling. The thing with holes that you strain rice in. The thing left over after you've reassembled something. One of those spray things used to wet ironing. Things To Do. The things under the bed. Thinging In The Rain.Things seen from the corner of your eye. The Thing And I. Unknown things. Things you tread on. Things you tread on then wish you hadn't. Squishy things. Pointy things. Warm fuzzy things. Remeberence of Things Past. Half remembered things. Things you should remember, but don't. Lost things. Found things. Things with teeth and claws you really should run away from. Pointless things. Silly things. limp things. Moist things. Things that make you sort of go 'ew.'

Thnaks for saving that, Ricky!
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