Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Hungry Hungry Peewees, and others.



Noisy Miners

I had to do some cage shuffling today. The larger two of the young peewees went from the medium cage to the large cage with the two oldest peewees, the magpie in the small cage went into the medium cage (with a stop-over in a cardboard box) the smallest peewee and the noisy miner went into the small cage, and the new magpie is in the tiny nursery cage, because he's still too young to perch. The oldest peewee is sitting on the bottom of the large cage Being Grumpy because his personal space has been invaded. The miner and small peewee are snuggling together because it's all strange and scary and We Don't Like It At A--ooh food onna stick! The miner is also learning about eating nectar. He likes the mix a lot but he still won't drink on his own. He's looking a bit shabby because he mistook the nectar dish for the water dish and hopped in for a bath. I had to catch him and hold him under a tap to rinse the sticky gunk out of his feathers. Tomorrow I get a mouse drinker and make a fake flower.
Tags: birds, peewees, rescues

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