Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Bats in comics

Well? Where are they?

I know of Fenton in Kevin And Kell.

I wrote a script for Absurd Notions with a pile of Mexican Freetails, but I didn't expect Cerulean to put it in his fanfic section. I was sort of hoping he'd draw it during his writer's block periods. Oh well. A fanfic is good enough for me. But they were real bats, not anthropomorphic.

It's discrimination! It seems every comic is set around daylight events. Where's the night life? Pubs and businesses that close before dawn are denying a large portion of the population a place to relax and have a drink.

It bugged me enough to actually write a script for a comic set in a Sydney pub that caters almost exclusively for nocturnal animals, and bats in particular.

My problem is I'm crap at drawing. I can write a bit but I cannot draw. I can see how to do it in Poser, but at Au$400 a copy it is out of my price range for the moment. I've been told Poser can be forced to render in a flat style that would suit a comic and I would like to have a go at that. It'll be a challenge creating characters that look different.

There's a lot of species in the strip and each has its own little quirk, just like the real bats I handle. There's 1 Flying fox, 3 vampires, about 10 different insecivores, a Vampyrum Spectra,* as well as cats, dogs, possums, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, a frilled lizard, and a number of dragons. Gotta have dragons.

And a rugby team. Every pub should have a rugby team.

*Vampyrum Spectra are the largest bats on the American continent. They are carnivores and terrify small animals, birds and other bats by their ability to fly silently out of the darkness and pick them off branches. I'm not making that up for the strip. This is true.

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