Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Big Wind

I was on rescue phones today. The wind was gusting to 50kph and the temps hovered around 30C. Then the calls started. Four magpie nests were blown down, with 4 fatalities and the rest coming into care. A tawney frogmouth was injured when the branch on which he was doing his Just A Bit Of Bark Nothing To See trick snapped, dropping the bird to the ground and pinning him underneath. A family was being held hostage by a bearded dragon waming himself on their back steps, and they couldn't get out of the house. An echidna in a garage.

The echidna was relocated to a paddock not far away. The bearded dragon was shoo'd away, saving the family from the horrors of an 18" long lizard. THe frogmouth is badly gashed and shocked; his rescuer will be taking him to the zoovets tomorrow. One of the magpies came to me. He had rattling lungs and was bleeding from the mouth. I could feel his sternum was moving so he had any number of broken ribs. I euthanased him; better to do it now than a lingering death. He must have fallen a long way before bouncing off a branch.

The forest bat ate the creamy wormy goodness of 6 worms, and actually took two mouthfuls of the crunchy bits. He weighs almost 4 grams now but that's the after-feeding weight. He still looks a bit thin. And he's grumpy but that's just little forest bats.
Tags: rescues

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